Sum Fighter is the first game we released under On The Fly Entertainment.

From our press release:

Sum Fighter is a math based puzzle fighter. Choose from one of six high school archetypes, use their unique abilities to bury your opponents and rise to the top of the school math competition.

To crush your opponent, rapidly add numbers to destroy blocks on your board and drop them into your opponent’s board. To destroy your blocks, you must drag adjacent blocks together, combining their face values. Once you’ve connected as many groups together as their face value the blocks disappear (players would connect five groups of the value 5 to destroy them or two groups of the value 2 and so on). The first player whose blocks reach and stay at the top for ten seconds loses. Our narrated tutorial steps the player through our mechanics before their first match.
Each character has their own path through story mode with their own unique character interactions and ending. The Jock, Nerd, Emo, Tagger, Principal and Librarian each have a unique ability they can unleash on their opponent, in order to be crowned the Sum Fighter Champion!
Sum Fighter Features:

  • Fully animated intro.
  • A narrated tutorial.
  • 2 Player vs, and Story Modes.
  • 6 Different endings.
  • 8 Expertly composed music tracks.

Sum Fighter is available now on Xbox Live Indie Games for 240 Microsoft Points!

I was the lead programmer, project manager, and designer. We developed Sum Fighter in C# using XNA.

Heavily inspired by Blocksum and Super Puzzle Fighter we wanted to make a polished niche puzzle game that that would be a contender for Microsoft’s Dream Build Play contest. Although we were a little off the mark for Dream Build Play, Sum Fighter’s development journey was a blast.

What are you waiting for? Go play it now on the XBLIG Marketplace!

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