Steampunk was a six man endeavour in creating a Victoriana, Mech-based, Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. As project manager/programming lead I worked with three artists and two programmers to develop this during our graduating year.

This was built in C++ using OpenGL and SDL libraries. As project manager my duties included: creation of our wiki, writing of the design doc and project management plan, managing timelines and assigning tasks, recording of demo videos. As programming lead my responsibilities included: the integration all of the programming modules, designing and developing the combat and interaction systems, loading and animating models, image and texture loading . Steampunk ended up being a very successful endeavour as the first large team project I worked on. I walked away from this learning essential softskills, management skills as well as developing my technical and problem solving skills. Plus we got to make a really nifty steampunk game :P

If you’re interested in looking at any of my other college projects check out my college portfolio. Too sentimental to get rid of the old ugly thing.