Gladiator Trainer is a social network casual roleplaying game. Player’s the role of a General building a team of combatants to win glory and riches in the Arena. Our mechanics are inspired by automated combat games(ACG), both avatar based(MyBrute, King of Kungfu and Mini Troopers) and collectible card game based(Warstorm, CLASH: Rise of Heroes, Eredan and Estiah). We seek to capitalize on both genres design strengths while mitigating their flaws. Avatar based ACG games trdationally have had a very small amount of content, and have imposed strong limits on play time (3 battles a day, with the option to pay money for more battles). Collectible card games(CCG) have a high barrier for entry both in terms of an unfamiliar an abstract field of combat for casual players, and in terms of the large monetary commitment for content and engagement. Although this works for the hardcore player, and those familiar with CCG’s it goes against the interests of a casual player. With such a large catalog of cards behind a velvet rope, it’s hard to make an initial investment when your access to content and your ability in-game is tied so closely to your wallet.

To solve the design flaw of not enough content in an avatar based ACGs we’ve shifted the focus from level progression to:

  • Item Generation


We have an item generation system very similar to those of the Diablo and World of Warcraft series. If a player has won the round of combat, they win a treasure chest filled with items. Most items won will be magic items with one or two attributes, but there is a small chance that they will be rare or unique items, with multiple attributes with more difficult to obtain modifiers. Players pay to purchase items that will increase the amount of loot that will drop for them after each fight. Players can also sell their randomly generated loot on the in-game auction house.

  • Direct Competition

Combat Screen

On release we will have a strong focus on player vs player combat. From weekly tournaments, to a game-wide ranking system, players will have a variety of  pvp options.

  • Character/Team Development

Level Up Slots

Gladiators will have a maximum attainable level in the low teens. Each time a character levels they will be offered a choice of three skills from pool of general skills, and possible skills from their class. Getting a character to the maximum level will take very little time. The bulk of time invested in character development will be in creating different combinations of skills on new Gladiators, and then using them effectively on a team of Gladiators.

Mechanically, Gladiator Trainer will play very much like a CCG, each character in your group has a set of skills that act as a group of cards in your deck. Aesthetically, Gladiator Trainer functions like familiar avatar based ACG’s.

Monetarily, we’ve moved the focus away from paying for extra battle interactions, towards having more control over the customization and tuning of your characters. Players can pay to re-roll the three random skills offered to them when a gladiator levels up. This offers hardcore players the opportunity to perfectly tune their character, while affording free to play users a moderate amount of control over character progression. We will also offer unique items that can be purchased, and resold in the in-game auction house for in-game currency. In theory, this allows access to all content whether you are a paying player or not.

We believe that our focus, our design decisions, and our content in concert, will create an enriching play experience that lends itself well to the social network platform.


* Screenshots are of a work in progress.

Our second round of testing is coming up, if you’re interested in giving the game a shot, email me.